Thursday, 7 April 2011

Dazed Live - Zine Installation/Exhibition

This weekend Shebang will be on display as part of Jotta's Self-Publishing exhibition and interactive installation at the Dazed Live event, taking place on Saturday 9th in London.

They say that the event "will celebrate and explore the past, present and future of the city [of London], delving into the world of self-publishing and Londoners cultural aspirations for their city."

The interactive installation centres on a 'self-publishing interactive map', which is created via Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook submissions (see HERE for links to the sources). The response will ultimately form a new zine about London, providing a snapshot of the views and aspirations of culturally engaged Londoners.

"From the 60s underground magazine OZ and the punk fanzines of the 1970s, including Jon Savage’s The Secret Public’ and Paul Morley’s ‘Girl Trouble’, to the London and New York mail art dialogue from VILE magazine and Ray Johnson, and zines that have evolved into publications such as ‘Sup and Art Rocker – the exhibition will celebrate, in particular, the best London zines of past and present, alongside a selection of iconic international titles. It will also feature very early issues of Dazed & Confused, which began life in ‘zine format, and still retains its DIY, independent ethos today."

For more on the event and the Dazed Live festival, just CLICK.

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