Wednesday, 16 March 2011

International Girl Gang Underground Zine

We recently got an email from Brooklyn/San Francisco-based International Girl Gang Underground, telling us that their in-the-works zine was ready for reading, and want to share the news!

The International Girl Gang Underground (IGGU) zine is a collection of stories, artwork and critical work on the subject of what effect the riot grrrl legacy has had on DIY feminist cultural production, twenty years on. Put together by Kate Wadkins (of For the Birds Collective, Brain Waves) and Stacy Konkiel (of Soul Ponies), the zine is available both online (with additional content) and in printed form.

Contributions come from writers, activists, musicians, and artists from ten US states and five countries; with original cover art by Philadelphia-based artist Sonrisa Rodriguez-Harrison. The online resource also has a directory of feminist cultural projects, and is still being added to. IGGU also want to encourage submissions of music reviews and zine-related content that will be released on their website.

The print zine is now available for purchase through the IGGU website. For futher info, see GIRLGANGUNDERGROUND.ORG or contact the editors at GIRLGANGUNDERGROUND(at)GMAIL.COM

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