Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Are You Zine Friendly?

The marvelous Jimi Gherkin is continuing to fly to flag for zinesters everywhere with his newest venture, Alternative Press's Zine Friendly event. The second ZF takes place at the Foundry in London on Thursday 12th November, and hopes to spread the word about the ZINE FRIENDLY BLOG; a new, incredibly valuable resource for self-publishers everywhere full of venues, promoters, stockists and events that are all "zine friendly".

Over to Jimi...

"We are inviting small pressers everywhere to come down and promote their own work. For free! All we are asking is that people donate what they can, even a zine or two, to help Alternative Press to keep promoting the scene.

There will be communal tables where self publishers can sell their work. Printmakers or those with large work are encouraged to use the walls as a spontaneous temporary free arts space where you can stick up your work DIY style! BYOB (Bring Your Own Blu-tak!) Also, we are inviting some zine distributors to represent as much of what is going on in the scene as we can.

We'll be having a cake sale with free tea, Knitting Circle, CD compilation lucky dip (just bring a cd of your own favourite music and take your pick!), free blank zines for you to use and a poetry workshop followed by some performances and a short open mic..."

Things will kick off at 7pm until around 11pm.


  1. Are you going to this? Be nice to meet up! - mujinga

  2. I reeeally want to but can't take the time off work. Damn!

  3. cheers for this, if you want to send some zines down then email me and I'll put them on the table for you... thanks again, see you soon...