Monday, 3 August 2009

Illustrator Interest...

OK, so the third issue is taking a lifetime to complete, thanks to silly things like full-time jobs and STILL having no internet at home (thanks Sky! Although we are watching back to back episodes of Miami Ink and planning future tattoos, so it's not all bad).

Basically, because we have so many illustrators 'watching' this blog, I just thought I'd test the water and see if there's any interest in helping out with the illustrations for the third issue? There's still a long way to go before we start allocating features to be illustrated as only half the content is written up, but I thought I'd see who fancies joining the Shebang gang. Obviously, it's pretty useful if you've actually read the zine before, just to get an idea of the kinds of things we are into design-wise. You also won't need to pick up a pen until September at the earliest, so it'll help if you have a few hours to spare this Autumn. What else...? Oh yeah, although we print in black and white, we do accept colour images, just so long as you bear in mind that it'll be greyscale in the zine. And please reply to this blog post rather than sending an email, as my inbox is a giant mess of unreplied emails at the moment.

Yup, I think that's it for now. Any takers?

(If you haven't seen the zine and want to have a look at a copy, our online shop and list of stockists can be found here).



  1. Definitely interested! Quite a few people on my course follow the blog, I'll post a link to this post on my facebook. x

  2. I'm deffinately still interested, recieved the first two issues last week as a present and I'd love to contribute :)x

  3. Heyy,
    Love the zine and would definately be up for contributing, please let me know when you need me:-)

  4. p.s my blog is here if you need it!


  5. yo- my stuff seems to have taken on an illustration vibe of late. If you think it would fit id be keen to contribute. x

  6. Hey, I'm an illustrator (aswell as a fan) and I'd love to contribute. Let me know what you think.

    It'd be great to hear from you,

  7. I'm always uop for illustrating for fun things, Chris


  8. I am also interested,
    if you want me to contribute, i would be very happy to.

  9. i too am interested, some of my works online on this blog and at

  10. I would love to contribute! let me know! email is x

  11. Hey Shebangbang!

    I'd love to get involved with you guys, Ive worked on several zines myself, and love the format.

    check me out got lots of recent work on me new site:

    also be sure to check out me daily sketchbook blog for some more abstract doodles:



  12. Hello :)
    Thanks again for allowing me to contribute to the second zine!
    Id really love to make some new things for the third issue if you'd like.

    X Jess

  13. Hello

    I would love to contribute to your zine!